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Center for Nursing Practice and Research Moves into a New era!

The center was established in December 2014 to administer the "Yamagata Local Nurse Training Program," a program of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).
The MEXT grant ended in FY2018, but from FY2019, the program is being implemented as a university project.
With the change to a university project, in addition to the existing "Local Nurse Project," the project has been reorganized and expanded to include the "Educational Capacity Improvement Project" and the "Community Collaboration Project. The scope of the program is not limited to small hospitals, etc., but has been expanded to cover the entire nursing workforce in Yamagata Prefecture.

The concept of this center
”Improvement of Nursing Practice Standards" and "Linkage with University Education”

While many nursing universities across the country have established centers to improve the practical and research skills of nurses, this center is unique in the following three ways

(1) We will make use of our experience in the local nursing business. The Center will actively engage in projects for nurses engaged in local medical and welfare services, such as small hospitals, clinics, and facilities for the elderly and disabled.

(2) As a public university established by Yamagata Prefecture, we will be entrusted with various projects related to nursing by Yamagata Prefecture.

(3) All of the faculty members in the Department of Nursing at our university belong to this center. This makes it easy to link university education (classes, practical training, etc.) that strengthens local medical welfare with the Center's projects.

The Center aims to improve the standard of nursing practice in Yamagata Prefecture, and to disseminate its achievements throughout Japan and the world.
 In addition, we will work with the University's Department of Nursing to develop content and methods for university education that strengthens local medical welfare, with the aim of spreading this to other nursing colleges with similar regional characteristics.
 We look forward to your utilization of this program.

Yamagata Prefectural University of Health Sciences Center for Nursing Practice and Research
Director Kyoko Sugawara (Professor, Department of Nursing)