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Message from the President

Message from the President
A message from YPUHS's President Masahiro Kohzuki.

Mission of YPUHS
Since its establishment in 2000, Yamagata Prefectural University of Health Sciences (YPUHS) has established itself as an academic and clinical leader, producing a number of health professionals under the spirit of Diversity and Inclusion, Communication, and the policy of Practice Oriented Research and Education.

Japan is in the super-aged society
Japan (especially Yamagata Prefecture where we live) has the highest percentage of elderly people in the world. In the super-aged society, it is reasonable to assume that several serious diseases increasingly occur and that the cooccurrence of multimorbidity and multiple disabilities (MMD) becomes more frequent. Rehabilitation, nursing, care (RNC) has become important concepts that all health professionals should be familiar with in the era of MMD. These professionals should accumulate knowledge and experience related to the RNC of patients with MMD.

Our challenge to lead “Adding Life to Years and Years to Life”
Until now, medicine has aimed mainly to prolong the patients’ life expectancy, that is, it has been focused on “Adding Years to life”. On the other hand, RNC has been proactively implemented to accomplish the concept of “Adding Life to Years” by helping to overcome any disabilities through assessment and intervention of socially disadvantaged functions. Furthermore, it has been shown that RNC for cardiac-, pulmonary- and renal-diseases are useful to accomplish the concept of both “Adding Life to Years and Years to Life”. YPUHS offers brand new RNC methods and systems in order to make “Adding Life to Years and Years to Life” come true.

Towards a positive spiral of education, research, and community contribution
YPUHS has been doing extraordinary things for over 20 years. I pledge to continue this pursuit of domestic and international excellence in education, research and community contribution. We take great pride in the past successes of our students and faculty. With everyone's support, I'm confident we can aim even higher and achieve even more in the coming years.

YPUHS’s President
Masahiro Kohzuki