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Yamagata Prefectural University of Health Sciences is located in the northern part of Yamagata City, capital of Yamagata Prefecture. To the North of the university stands the Yamagata Prefectural Central Hospital, including 660 beds and several centers such as the center for preventing adult diseases, the emergency center and the perinatal center.

Yamagata City is located on the routes connecting by the East Japan Bullet Train Line and the Tohoku-Yamagata Expressway to Tokyo. The Yamagata Air Port is also located near Yamagata City, with connections to Tokyo, Osaka,Nagoya and Sapporo. The population of Yamagata Prefecture is 1,110,646(Jan.1st,2017) and that of Yamagata City is 253,073(Jan.1st,2017).

260 Kamiyanagi,Yamagata City,Yamagata,990-2212,Japan

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