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Lectures for Medical Students in Romania

The Erasmus+ project, which is part of the Erasmus project by the European Union, has led to the dispatch of the University to the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova, Romania, for teaching and learning purposes.
In relation to this project, lectures by our faculty members were given to second-year medical students on 2 and 3 March.
Professor Ambo gave lectures on "Community Mental Health in Japan -Focus on Suicide Prevention" and "Physical and Mental Effects and Support for People Deprived of Their Homes: Findings from Ten Years after the Nuclear Power Plant Accident in Japan". Two lectures were given. In addition, a presentation was given on the research conducted by Lecturer Takaya during his postgraduate PhD course.

The visit to the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova took place according to the following schedule.
Date: Thursday, 2 March to Wednesday, 8 March 2023
Participants: Ambo Hiroaki ( School of Nursing), Takaya Shin ( School of Nursing)

The two universities have expressed their intention to continue their exchanges into the future.