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Agreement with Masaryk University

 On Tuesday 14 March 2023, Professor Dobsack from the Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk National University in the Czech Republic visited the University and held a ceremony to conclude an international academic agreement.
 Yamagata Prefectural University of Health Sciences has set goals for international exchange, including the cultivation of an international outlook, the promotion of exchanges with overseas countries and the promotion of new international exchanges, and has been working on them.
 This is the third agreement signed by the university following the University of Colorado Denver in the USA and Colorado State University in the USA, and the first with a European university.
 In the future, based on this agreement, we expect further development of education and research at the University of Health Sciences by deepening exchanges between faculty members and students of our university and those involved in the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University.
 After the ceremonies, a memorial lecture was given by Prof Dobsack, which was attended by a large number of faculty members.